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St. Kitts & Nevis Beaches

The following are some of the most popular beaches in St. Kitts & Nevis.

Friars Bay

Friars Bay is located on both the Caribbean and Atlantic side of the island. The waters off the Caribbean shore are calm, which makes it a great spot for families. There are restaurants and food vendors available for visitors of the beach. On the Atlantic side of the island, the surf is stronger.

Frigate Bay - South

There is a lot to do on the Caribbean side of Frigate Bay. There are restaurants, small food vendors, local residents selling handmade crafts, hotels, and night clubs, as well as great spots for water sports on the southern section of Frigate Bay. Popular water sports on Frigate Bay include waterskiing, windsurfing, and swimming. It is not uncommon for beachgoers to party late into the night on Frigate Bay.

Frigate Bay - North

Itís only a short walk from the south side to reach the white sand stretch of beach on the Atlantic shore. The north side of the beach is known for its great surfing and windsurfing. Large hotels, such as the Sugar Bay Club and the St. Kitts Marriott Resort, are located on this side of the beach.

White House Bay

Aside from being an ideal location to sunbath, White House Bay is a popular spot for snorkeling. Many people flock to the beach to snorkel near the rocky reef that protects the beach, located off the shore, where tropical fish abound, and the remains of a shipwreck are still present.

Sandy Bank

Sandy Bank is oddly calm for a beach located on the Atlantic shore, where beachgoers will find a tranquil and romantic atmosphere. Because this spot is not suited for water sports, and there are no restaurants on this beach, few crowds congregate here. Sandy Bank is a great spot for a beach hike.

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is right next to the Sandy Bank beach. This beach is fairly secluded and a popular destination for surfers.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach, not to be confused with Turtle Bay, is located on the southeastern portion of the peninsula. There is a popular beachfront bar and restaurant available for beachgoers visiting Turtle Beach. Many people visit the beach to sunbath and participate in water sports. Turtle Beach is also noted for the diverse amount of wildlife to be seen on and around the beach. It is not uncommon to see vervet monkeys on the beach and dolphins or pod whales while boating off the shore.

Cockleshell Bay

This beach stretches nearly two miles across beautiful white sand. This beach is located on a channel between St. Kitts and St. Nevis known as the Narrows. Beachgoers will enjoy an excellent view of Nevis while visiting this beach. This beach is an ideal location for people avoiding big crowds.

Dieppe Bay Beach

Dieppe Bay Beach is covered with black sand and beautiful palm trees. Since it is shielded by a large reef, the waters off the shore are very calm, making it a popular spot for snorkeling. Many beachgoers also flock to this beach to work on their suntans. Dieppe Bay Beach borders both the Caribbean and Atlantic shores. The Golden Lemon Inn is a great spot to enjoy a meal or drink.

Pump Bay

Pump Bay Beach is ideally suited in a region for inexperienced divers and snorkelers. It is covered with beautiful black sand, and the historic Brimstone Hill Fortress sits on a hill above the beach.

Conaree Beach

Many people consider Conaree Beach the premier beach on the Atlantic shore. This narrow beach is covered with black sand, reflecting its volcanic origins. Many beachgoers visit the beach to snorkel and bodysurf.

Half Moon Bay

Similar to Conaree Beach, this beach located on the Atlantic shore is a popular spot for swimming and bodysurfing.

Banana Bay

Banana Bay sits on the southeast peninsulaís tip on a secluded section of beach. Beachgoers can enjoy the soft sand, calm water, beautiful coconut trees, and tranquility during their visit to the beach. Tourists will have to either rent a car or charter a taxi to reach Banana Bay. The drive to the beach is very scenic.


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